Key figures
Here are some results of brand integration impact, all measured by Public Impact

For brands

Extremely effective
Source : 200 Public Impact studies

  • Gain of awareness of the brand or product : 15%
  • Gain of intention to search information : 21%
  • Gain to recommend brand : 28%
  • Gain to intention of purchase : 2 times stronger than a tv spot
  • Average of immediate ROI : 440%!
For agencies

Each placement is unique !
Compared to a placement without particular highlighting :

  • A use of the product has a higher efficiency of 20%
  • A role in the action or the story : + 30%
  • A product qualities praised by a character: + 45%
  • A role in the action + qualities praised : +80% !
For the public

An attentive and benevolent public :
Source : Public Impact Barometer "Product placement and french public"

  • 96% of the public thinks that product placement does not interfere with the creativity or the quality of the movie.
  • 85% of the public recognizes that product placement facilitates brands memorisation
  • 87% of viewers under 25 years reported having had a real reaction after seeing a product placement : search information or...puchase!
For communication managers

An essential measure :
Source : Public Impact Barometer "Product placement and advertisers"

  • 95% of communication managers say they need to know the precise impact of their product placement operations in film and television.
  • 51% find it indispensable for refining their strategy.